Features of the Transition State in HDV Ribozyme Catalysis revealed by atomic perturbations

Transition State Features in HDV Ribozyme Catalysis

Crystallizing the 'UNCRYSTALLIZABLE'

Varkud satellite (VS) ribozyme

Crystal structure of the first RNA molecule with an expanded genetic alphabet

ZiP-line - A functional riboswitch with unnatural base pairs

Spliceosome could be a ribozyme at heart

RNA catalysis at the heart of the spliceosome

RNA structure and function

Welcome to the Piccirilli Lab

Our group is broadly interested in the chemistry and biochemistry of nucleic acids with particular emphasis on RNA and RNA catalysis. The laboratory integrates areas of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, enzymology and molecular biology to gain a fundamental understanding of nucleic acid structure and mechanisms of RNA catalysis. Using the principles and techniques of organic chemistry and molecular biology, we manipulate the structure of RNA molecules at precise locations in ways that are designed to answer very specific questions about biological function. With a team consisting of people trained in EPR, Optical Tweezers, Fluorescence spectroscopy, MRI and X-Ray Crystallography, protein engineering and Nucleic acid synthetic chemistry, we are equipped to take on  varied challenges in RNA chemistry and biology.

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Please send a resume and a description of research accomplishments, research interests, and long-term goals. All inquires should be emailed to: jpicciri@uchicago.edu

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